Trends This Summer: Unique Wooden Watches by JORD

Hey! Hope you are still enjoying your summer time! (In Melbourne we are still suffering from the wind tho) This time I shot my OOTD in a 60s American restaurant in Melbourne called Soda Rock Diner. Can't tell how much I love the retro vibe there and it totally matches with my outfit! What is …


Summer, Summer, Summer

My life in the past three months are packed with chaos, excitement, worries... good things and bad things came together and I had to make more efforts to settle and calm down than usual. I mean, it's not my very first time moving to a new place and start a new life (actually I moved …

Liquid Lipsticks Comparison

Hello this is my friend Alison’s post, she is a guru in Beauty and cosmetic review. Check this out for some detailed lipsticks advices.


Hello everyone!

About a week ago, I posted a review called online vs. reality of

It refreshes my record of daily views from 52 to 250

I know its not a lot but I am really happy that I have more audiences!

It is so great to see the blog I create from zero growing day by day

Thank you so much for the support, it meant a lot to me!

I will keep up the work and delivery more quality information to you

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t say enough

If you did not view my boohoo post, here is the link and feel free to click it

Hope you enjoy:)

[] Online vs. Reality


The post I am going to write is about liquid lipsticks

It is a beauty product that have been around for quite a while

But recently it got so much popular


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Denim X Denim

Recently I found out some old pics about Denim. It was 2014 when I shot some pics for my layout design assignment and till today I still find these outfits interesting.   I always believe that if you wanna wear denim smart, just wear it on another denim! BUT! Just be aware of the colors and …

OOTD: Summer Outfits

It has always been a problem to cool myself down under the sticky hot weather. You know, no one would really care about what you're wearing when it's above 30 degrees Celsius all the time. When everyone is stinky and sticky then you realise FASHION is not needed anymore (laugh). Just kidding, I still need to blog and THANK YOU Alison and …

Peach Smokey Eyes

This time Alison shows her summer time makeup about peach smokey eyes. Inspired by the floral makeup looks in bridal runway shows, the light coral/ peach/violet colors could be a new attempt for everyday makeup. There are only two points to notice: 1. rather than earthy smokey eyes, it highlights the "light" and "sweet" concepts, so try …