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Vintage Shops Hunt- Melbourne Pt 1.

I am always impressed by how “old school” Melbourne can be: from the 70s disco corner to the swing dance class in a 1880s hotel.  In Tokyo I would say someone looks “sharp” when he/she…

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Summer, Summer, Summer

My life in the past three months are packed with chaos, excitement, worries… good things and bad things came together and I had to make more efforts to settle and calm down than usual. I…

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Officially Moved to MELB!

Hi, long time no see! Just wanna tell you guys that I’ve moved to Melbourne last week and can’t wait to share my story to you once I’m settled! Gonna introduce some nice vintage shops…

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90s School Look

I’m wondering how many of you are still returning to school in September,  for me, my last summer vacation has just gone away 🙁 Feeling a bit sad but it’s fine because I’m still very…

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Rainy Summer Style

✏ Follow my blog with Bloglovin 📷Follow me via Instagram: https://instagram.com/mimogram21/  📷 There’s no way to escape from the humidity and the endless rain. As far as I could remember, Hong Kong has been in rainy season…

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