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Street Snap Monday

Spending my summer vacay in my hometown FOSHAN with some old buildings. “Simple” and “cotton” are our key points about this summer.

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Just spent another couple days in Hong Kong, and as usual, I strolled around Central and looked for some good places to eat. Having a piece of cookie and a cup of tea is a good…

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Before I get started today, I wanna say THANK YOU for over 50 followers in a week!  I considered a lot before starting up at a new platform with no connections at all, but thanks for all…

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Crop Top Never Go Out of Style

Can’t remember since when, crop tops have replaced my regular T-shirts.  As a girl with broad shoulders, it’s really confusing that most normal size T-shirts become too small for me. Or sometimes I can’t tell why, they just…

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When Salmon Meets Thai Spice

Greyhound café-a brand from Bangkok now is getting popular in Hong Kong. You know, in this fast paced, expensive city with extreme competitions, a new brand could be easily squeezed out if you cannot catch much attention…

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