OOTD: 5-day Zara Challenge

Have been thinking of writing a post to share some daily outfit ideas after finishing my bloody busy March. I checked Zara’s website a week ago and thought it would be great to show you how I can survive a week with different outfits by wearing Zara. It’s not my first time hearing people say that Zara is too business or it’s just for working professionals. I mean, at least it won’t be your first option when considering to buy a dress for your party? I was trying to show you OOTD for different occasions and in different styles so you’ll find it more helpful? (hopefully)

BTW, since I’m in Australia, the new season products may be a bit different from yours because we are having winter soon. But I think you can still find most of the items in your own country.

DAY 1- Stay at home 



Top from Zara and jeans from Mango (@Fashionmimo)

I’ve been looking for a thick, warm and oversized cardigan that I can snuggle in when lazing at home. And THIS is the one I simply cannot take it off once I put on! I like to wear it as top but it is also very legit to match it with T-shirts or dresses. There are also black and beige colors for your choice but you know, Green is always my favourite 😉

Shop the cardigan here


Day 2- Cocktail party

Who doesn’t love sequins? Especially when they are on a 20’s-inspired midi skirt and Polo T-shirt. I fell in love with this look when I firstly saw it on Zara’s website because of its vintage vibe. It is so ideal for dinner or cocktail party.

Shop the look here

Day 3- Office meeting

Animal print is back in trend, just like floral prints did few years ago, you can see cheetah/snakeskin everywhere now. This trend is also reflected on Zara’s new collection and obviously Zara applied these prints on a more mature line: so you can see these prints on midi-skirts, blouses and long-sleeve dresses. Office ladies, probably it’s time to upgrade your look with some wild elements?

Shop the blouse here

LOVE these snakeskin print tops, the colors and cuttings are quite ideal for work or casual business occasions as well. (@Fashionmimo)


Day 4- Grocery shopping after work

Wearing straw boater hat to bring up some vacation mood: hat from Daiso (it costs me 3 dollars lol), tank top from Zara (bought it long long time ago though), check midi-skirt from Zara (Couldn’t find the exact item online but here is a similar one), sandals from Charles & Keith and canvas bag from Chanel.

Day 5- Picnic at the park

Well, I leave this one at the last because I’m not sure if I should recommend this look to you. I was amazed by the texture and color when I chose this dress but then I found it really hard to match with different skin colors as well as different clothes. I tend to recommend those items you can easily match with different fashion elements to create a new look. But still, if you are interested, check the link here

At first I was impressed by its beautiful apple-green color and the suede texture, but then I realized that the color itself is a problem because it made my skin color look dull and it is hard to match with other colors. (@Fashionmimo)


Feel free to share your views and leave a comment! I would love to hear from you xx (@Fashionmimo)



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